Rob Sheppard

Vegan investor / producer / photographer

I'm interested to hear about opportunities to promote veganism and animal rights in creative and inventive ways, either via sponsorship, collaboration or support


About me:

  • Gen X

  • Vegan since 1980

  • BSc Physics / MSc Comp Sci

  • Work: finance tech

  • Interests: promoting veganism & animal rights, nature & wildlife, photography, art & design

SLAY - the film that gets under fashion's skin

Is it acceptable to kill animals for fashion?

Eating Our Way To Extinction

Cinematic feature documentary that blows open the lid on the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: the impact of animal agriculture

Vegan Photographer UK

Vegan and animal rights photography

Vegan Creative

Personal creative projects including vegan fashion photography, artivism and craftivism

The Sheppard Collection of Vegan Art

A private collection of original artworks and limited edition prints created by vegans.

Other film projects

As well as SLAY and Eating Our Way To Extinction, other film projects I have been involved with as a backer include:

Other art projects

As well as my own collection of vegan art, I have also been involved with these other vegan art projects:

  • Behind Closed Doors, London 2017 (sponsor)

  • ANIMUS, London 2016 (patron)

Other fashion/beauty projects

As well as Vegan Fashion UK, other fashion and beauty projects I have been involved with as backer include:

Food projects


  • Made in Hackney

  • Essential Vegan CafĂ©

  • The Herbaceous Butcher

  • The Mighty Pea

  • Raw Halo chocolate